From October 1st 2020 Mighway has offered new bookings the opportunity to pay via POLi, giving an alternative to paying via credit/debit card.

POLi is a system that allows for automated payment via bank transfers, but is currently limited to only customers who are paying via a New Zealand bank account. Not all New Zealand banks are set up for POLi use, so not every account will work. If you are with SBS or Heartland banks, then you are currently unable to pay with POLi.

Mighway will allow customers to pay via POLi to confirm their booking, and if they confirm with a deposit customers can pay the final balance via POLi as well, as long as the final balance is paid by the required date. Mighway will notify the customer of this date, and provide a link to the remaining balance payment stage before it is due.

POLi cannot be used to pay for any additional charges after the vehicle has been collected, or for any post-hire charges. Because these charges cannot be paid by anything other than credit or debit card, credit card fees are not applied to these transactions.

Mighway will still require you to provide a valid credit or debit card to secure your booking, this payment method will become your default way to pay from the day of vehicle collection and after hire. This payment method must remain valid for your entire hire period, and will be used for any post-hire charges such as, but not limited to, Road User Charge or Insurance excesses.

POLi does not process refunds to bank accounts. This means customers who do pay Mighway via POLi will need to have their funds manually refunded to them via a direct bank transfer from our accounts team.

Mighway will need up to 10 working days to process a manual bank transfer back to the customer's bank account.