In New Zealand, it is a legal requirement that children under the age of seven must use an approved, properly fastened and adjusted child restraint.

Please refer to in the first instance. 

Whilst it is not illegal for a child using a restraint to travel in the front passenger seat, it is recommended that children be seated and securely fastened in the back of any vehicle.

Please refer below for the correct restraint for your child.

Children aged from birth to approximately four years (birth - 18kg) should use a child seat.

Children aged between four and seven years (15-36kg) should use a booster seat.

All Child restraints must comply with the standards approved in New Zealand. 

Fronts seats in all vehicles are not fitted with anchor points and cannot accommodate children under seven years in any case.

Child or booster seats are not permitted in the rear facing seats (eg. in the dinette area) of any vehicle.

We recommend that children are kept rear facing until approximately two years of age.

Different types of child restraints require different types of safety belts to hold them securely. Most child restraints require

a three-point safety belt and tether strap. Some child restraints for babies and younger children can be secured with fixtures such as ISOFIX and LATCH systems.

Harnesses require a lap belt and tether strap, while other child restraints use the three-point safety belt with or without a tether strap. Booster seats must be used in conjunction with a three-point safety belt or in combination with a separate child safety harness.

Rear Facing Baby Seat

Up to 9kgs in weight

Under 6 months old

Rear facing infant seats are the safest way for a baby to travel. 

Forward Facing Baby Seat

from 9-18kgs in weight

Over 6 months and under 5 years

A forward facing child seat can be used once a child is both big enough and old enough. 


Booster Child Seat

from 14-26kgs in weight

Over 5 years up to 7 years

Between the ages of 5-7 years a child must use a booster seat. A booster seat can be anchored with a adult seat belt (no anchor points required). A booster seat should only be fitted to a forward-facing seat.