Block out your calendar for your own use:

Mighway operates with a real time calendar system.  This means that any dates you have not blocked out for your own use will be available for guests to book.  Any bookings made must be honoured, so always ensure you block out all dates the vehicle will be unavailable.

We’ll send you periodic reminders to ensure you are keeping your availability up to date, but please try and be pro-active to avoid any difficult booking conflicts arising.

If you’re in the managed program please contact to block out dates and schedule collection and return times at the RV Super Centre. Please notify us of any changes immediately as your van might be bookable at all times unless blocked.

A word of advice:

Between the 15th of Dec and 31st March is the peak tourism season in New Zealand. During this time you will be able to achieve maximum prices for your vehicle and generate the most bookings.  As such, to maximise your income potential you need to maximise the amount of time your vehicle is available during this period. If you are able to defer your own travel plans to outside of this period when the roads are quieter it is highly advisable.

To block availability please login to your account and select your vehicle. Click on AVAILABILITY. Please note: if information is missing in one of the other categories you will need to complete those first before you can access the following category. (eg. length of vehicle)

Click on Start Date. A calendar will pop up. Click on the first date you wish to block out. Please consider preparation time before and after your own use and make sure you allow enough time to get the van ready for a potential next hire. Select the last day of the block. Confirm the block with “Block these dates”. If you entered the dates incorrectly you can select “Cancel”. In case you changed your mind and would like to remove a block, please click on the X next to the date. Confirm “Unblock these dates”.

If you already know you will be away for holidays and won’t be able to facilitate a handover we suggest to block out your van as well so you won’t receive booking requests over that period.