Deposit offer is valid for bookings effective from 18th February 2019.
This offer is only available for requested bookings of minimum 7 days.

To secure your booking a deposit fixed at 15% of the total booking value is required.

To take advantage of this deposit offer, the guest must call the Mighway team on 0800 555 696 (NZ bookings) or +1 844-462-9510 (US bookings) after making a booking request to have this option added to your request before confirming the booking by entering your payment details.

The deposit option cannot be used to book an ‘instant book’ vehicle and retrospective refunds do not apply once a booking is confirmed.

The 15% deposit amount is non refundable in the event of booking cancellation.

Remaining balance is due 30 days prior to your confirmed pickup date, this balance will be deducted automatically from your provided payment method to secure your booking. If Mighway is unable to retrieve the remaining balance at the due date, contact will be made to arrange an alternative payment. If you are not able to provide full payment of the outstanding balance within 48 hours of payment failure notification, your booking will be cancelled. Your deposit will be forfeited.