Accepting payment and communicating only via the Mighway platform helps to ensure that you will be protected under our Terms and Conditions, fees, cancellation, insurance, roadside policies, and our Owners Guarantee. It also allows you to keep track of all your booking details in one place. By accepting payment and communicating outside of the Mighway platform, you will no longer have access to these benefits. 


If you accept payment and communicate outside the Mighway platform, we can no longer protect your information, and you will be at greater risk of fraud and phishing attacks, amongst other security issues. It is also against our Terms and Conditions to do so. 


Never accept payment for your booking or post booking charges (RUC fees, Refuel Costs etc.) outside of the Mighway platform. 


If someone asks to pay for their booking outside of our built-in payment system, or you suspect other fraudulent activity on their part, please email and click "Report Abuse" in the messaging portal. This will also block all further communications with the guest. 


If you accepted payment for a booking outside of the Mighway platform (e.g. a bank transfer), you may be involved in fraudulent activity. Please email immediately for help.


If a booking was made via the Mighway platform, it will appear under the "My Bookings" tab.