This policy applies to bookings made prior to December 6 2017. For bookings made after this date, view the new policy here. (

Camper Care / Mighway Insurance

This insurance covers Accidental1 Damage to the Vehiclecaused in an Accident, and your liability for negligence causing Accidental damage to third party property during the Rental Period (up to a maximum of NZ$20,000,000). 

Subject to the following terms, conditions and definitions

In the event of a valid claim you will need to pay an insurance excess amount of up to NZ$5,000 (including GST) is payable in respect of each claim.  You will be advised of the excess amount which will apply at the time of booking. This is payable regardless of fault. If it is then deemed that you are not at fault in an accident this amount will be refunded to you.

What the Insurance does not cover
The insurance will be void and the Guest will be liable and responsible for the full costs (including costs of any Damage) if:

    • the Guest breaches any of the Terms, and that breach is the cause of or contributes to the relevant Damage; or

    • the Damage is caused by willful misconduct (e.g. sitting or standing on the bonnet or roof of the Vehicle), or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or negligence or where the Guest is determined by local authorities to have been careless, negligent or willful in failing to abide by the local road rules.

In addition to the above, the insurance does not cover and the Guest will be liable and responsible in full for:

    • any loss or damage to any personal belongings or property of the Guest (or any person or entity related to the Guest);

    • retrieving or recovering a Vehicle which may include, but is not limited to, a Vehicle that has become bogged, submerged, caught, trapped, stuck or restricted in any way and/or has been abandoned, in each case in circumstances within the control of the Guest;

    • replacing keys which have been lost or stolen, or retrieving keys which have been locked in the Vehicle;

    • any overhead or underbody damage to the Vehicle however caused;

    • any Damage caused to the Vehicle due to the use of snow chains; and

    • any Damage associated with the incorrect use of fuel (fuel being diesel or petrol), or water or other contamination of fuel.

    • breakdown being any inability to operate, breakage, breakdown or failure of any component or accessory, the engine, transmission, mechanical, electrical, alarm or electronic systems or any loss that their failure causes to the rest of these systems unless the breakdown is caused by collision or impact damage, earthquake, fire, flood, lightning, a malicious act, overturning of the vehicle, theft or illegal conversion or volcanic eruption:

    • damage to tyres by application of brakes or by punctures, cuts or bursts or bursting unless the vehicle suffers other loss or damage in an accident or the damage is deliberate and is caused by a person not insured by this policy

    • Any loss resulting from driving on the following roads within New Zealand Skippers Road (Queenstown), Ball Hut Road (Mt. Cook), Ninety Mile Beach (Northland) and North of Colville Township (Coromandel Peninsula). You (the Guest) is responsible for all damage if travelling on these roads

Important Information 
New Zealand legislation provides limited coverage for personal injury.  This policy does not provide any liability for personal injuries sustained during the Rental, nor for any loss or damage to any personal belongings or property of the Guest (or any person or entity related to the Guest).  We also have no liability for any costs or losses sustained by a Guest as a result of any disruption or changes to travel plans required or arising out of your rental of a Vehicle (including because of any breakdown of a Vehicle). Mighway and Star Underwriting Agents strongly recommend that you take out personal travel insurance to cover any injury, loss and disruption to travel plans.

Correctness of Statement and Fraud
All statements made by you or on your behalf on any of these forms or otherwise in support of this policy or any claim must be complete and correct in all respects. If any claim under this policy is supported by any incorrect information or statement all benefits will be forfeited.

Governing Law
This policy is governed by New Zealand law and the New Zealand courts have exclusive jurisdiction over any legal proceedings about it

This insurance is provided by
 Star Underwriting Agents Limited T/A Camper Care for and on behalf of Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited.

1. Vehicle is defined as: the vehicle as described on your rental agreement and includes fixtures, fittings, furniture, furnishings, awnings and equipment supplied and fitted by the manufacturer or purchased and fitted following manufacture, that are permanently contained on or within the vehicle you have hired

2. Accidental is defined as a sudden and unforeseen event causing physical loss or damage that is not intended or expected by you.


Excess / Deductible

Standard Excess

Price per Day

Country of licence issue drives on left hand side of road 
(eg. NZ, AU, UK)

Country of licence issue drives on right hand side of road 
(eg. USA, Germany)

Driver Age 25+




Driver Age 21-24