The Motorhome rental experience made easy with Mighway!


Creating a great holiday experience for your guests is vitally important.  In this guide, we share our tips and advice on how to manage and keep your vehicle at its very best, maximize your revenue opportunities and other useful hints.    


Whether renting a classic kombi van or a larger luxury RV, guests like to feel they are getting everything they were promised when making their booking.





Accurate and honest listing content

Mighway strive to deliver a high quality experience to our owners and guests alike. We rely on each of our vehicle owners to ensure their listing on is accurate and honest and kept up to date.

Accurate and honest listing information is critical to avoid effectively managing customer expectations and thereby avoiding possible customer issues and complaints.  If you have a 30 year old vehicle that has done a lot of KMs/miles it is OK to say that the interior is a little worn and full of character, or if you have a dog that regularly travels with you on your adventures that there may be some dog hair in nooks and crannies throughout the vehicle.  Being open and upfront before someone has booked it definitely preferable to being slightly misleading and then having to deal with angry and disgruntled guests when they come to pick up your vehicle.


Block out your calendar for your own use:

Mighway operates with a real time calendar system.  This means that any dates you have not blocked out for your own use will be available for guests to book.  Any bookings made by Mighway (for Managed owners) must be honoured, so always ensure you block out all dates for your use. 

Calendars are opened up 12 months in advance. We’ll send you periodic reminders to ensure you are keeping your availability up to date, but please try and be pro-active to avoid any difficult booking conflicts arising.

A word of advice:

Between the 15th of Dec and 31st March is the peak tourism season in New Zealand, and between the 15th of June and the 31st of August is the peak tourism season in the United States. During this time you will be able to achieve maximum prices for your vehicle and generate the most bookings.  As such, to maximise your income potential you need to maximise the amount of time your vehicle is available during this period. If you are able to defer your own travel plans to outside of this period when the roads are quieter it is highly advisable.


Sharing your experiences:

We want to ensure that your guest has the best possible experience whilst they are exploring the country in your vehicle.  To help ensure your guests have the best possible experience we would encourage you to compile your list of secret spots and favorite places and other handy tips and advice in your own guide.  Think about where you have experienced some of your best moments in your vehicle such as your favorite camping grounds, farmers markets, beaches, lakes, coffee shops, restaurants, vineyards etc – your guests will love to hear your stories and be inspired to go and create their own special moments.

Your vehicle will be more attractive and appealing to potential guests should you make special mention of these travel tips when setting up your listing.



Mighway is motivated to ensure that our owners optimise the revenue opportunities associated with their vehicles. Successfully optimising income will be a tricky balance between finding the correct average price for your specific vehicle and then stretching the daily rate at times of peak demand and balancing this with softening the rate during times of weak demand.

Your Mighway account manager will advise you on a suitable pricing strategy and actively manage this for you if agreed.

You can also use our seasonal pricing calculator to help you maximise potential bookings. See our calculator for the US and NZ.





A home away from home:

Your personal touches are important, but try to limit personal items in your vehicle.  Guests should feel like it is their home away from home.  You can help make guests feel more at home by ensuring the following storage spaces are fully available:

  • Fridge / Freezer space
  • Kitchen cupboards/cabinets
  • Drawers and internal storage spaces
  • External storage spaces

Although it is recommended that you empty fridges for guest use, you may wish to provide some basic items that will make your guest feel welcome and exceed their expectations such as:

  • Some milk for that first cup of tea
  • Salt, Pepper, Sugar
  • A couple of eggs
  • A small butter dish
  • Some fresh bread
  • Toilet paper/toilet chemicals
  • Detergent and other cleaning supplies
  • To really surprise your guests perhaps you could provide some home baking or even a bottle of wine to enjoy on the first evening!

Make sure to tell your guests if you have included any food items in your vehicle, so they know they are fresh and okay to use. 

Guests use what they see:

Guests will use anything that is available in your vehicle. If you don’t want it used, remove it before your guests arrive.


IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Bumps and Bruises are part of renting:

There will be repairs and maintenance required that simply comes with renting relative to the use of the vehicle. Guests and / or insurance will pay for accidental and malicious intentional damage, but fair wear and tear and general maintenance is the responsibility of the owner. It is commonly accepted that c.10% per year of rental income should be set aside for repairs and general maintenance.  High use items such as brake pads will of course be subject to additional wear and tear and be at risk of break down.  To avoid costly vehicle break downs and interruptions to guests holiday plans we strongly recommend that you regularly service your vehicle and pro-actively replace high wear items. Mighway can help you to arrange this through our partner network of specialist RV service specialists.


Remove items of sentimental value:

If you have items of sentimental importance to you and your family in your vehicle, we strongly recommend you remove them prior to welcoming your guests.


Your vehicle should be at the ready:

You must ensure you vehicle is clean for your guests when they arrive to pick up the vehicle.  There is nothing more frustrating for a guest than if they arrive to pick up the vehicle to start their exciting adventure and they are forced to wait as a result of the vehicle not being ready.  Having your vehicle ready includes:

  • Ensuring the interior is clean and tidied to a high standard (no one wants complaints from guests because their vehicle wasn’t clean…)
  • Ensuring the vehicle is fully fueled
  • LPG gas tanks are full
  • Waste systems are emptied and cleaned
  • Tyres are pumped up and tread is checked
  • Any accessories that the guest has requested are loaded into the storage 


Proactive Maintenance:

Our guests safety and enjoyment is our number 1 priority and we trust it is also yours.  We rely on our vehicle owners to keep their vehicles adequately maintained at all times.  Regular servicing, replacement of worn tyres, pro-active replacement of brake pads, changing of filters and other pro-active measures will go a long way to ensuring your guests safety and avoiding holiday disruptions for your guests whilst they are on the road.

Your vehicle's cleanliness will also heavily influence whether your guests enjoy their experience renting your vehicle or not.  What you are happy to accept week in week out is probably not what someone paying top dollar is going to expect.  As such, we would encourage you to ensure you give your vehicle a major spring clean before you begin renting your vehicle.

Giving your vehicle a big spruce up before you start renting will make it far easier for you to maintain a high standard as your guests will expect to return the vehicle to you at the same standard – if they do not you are free to charge them a cleaning fee. In between rentals you should ensure the vehicle is brought back up to the same high standard of cleanliness to ensure your guests are kept happy.


A vehicle can determine the success of a holiday. It is the co-operation between Mighway and our owners that provides a memorable holiday experience for our guests




Payment and invoicing


How much do I get paid and how much do I pay Mighway?
Each booking is tracked separately for you by Mighway, with revenue and any associated costs for each booking identified. You will receive a monthly statement which shows credits/debits related to your previous hires.
If Mighway provides services not relating to any specific booking (such as vehicle servicing), this will be shown on your monthly statement, indicating you owe money to Mighway.  Tax invoices will be deducted from any monies we owe you, and we will pay you net of these expenses when we have rental income to disburse.
See schedule 1 for a full list of services and charges .


Do I receive statements?

For each payment period, we will send you all the credit notes and tax invoices, summarised in a statement.  This statement will be emailed to the primary email that the account notes on your Owners Agreement.  If we owe you money, we will pay this in your nominated bank account.  If you owe money to Mighway, which has been invoiced to you separately please pay this within seven days of receiving the statement.


When do I get paid?

Payments for your rentals are made on Monday for bookings completed on or before the previous Monday - this allows for a brief reconciliation period in order to process drop off report forms and collect payment from guests for Road User Charges etc. This will mean each booking will be paid out no longer than 8 working days from drop off. Help us to ensure prompt payment by submitting your drop off report forms to within 48 hours of the booking completion.


How will I be paid?

You will be paid via direct payment to your nominated bank account.


Using your online owner portal


What is the owner portal? (Currently Mighway Local only)

Our owner portal at provides the tools to control all aspects of your listing at your finger tips.  It is fully flexible and updates can be made in real time.  

Functions include:

  • Blocking and unblocking dates for availability
  • Adding or removing photos
  • Writing details about your vehicle
  • Details of your bookings and all communications between you and your guests.

The owners portal can be accessed by logging in to

Is training available?

If you require help on how to use our owner portal, simply contact us and we can set up phone training for you.

Additionally, you can email if you wish to update aspects of your listing including photos, description, features or discuss occupancy.