You must notify Mighway of any damage as soon as it happens by emailing or calling us on 0800 555 696. 

If you have concerns that the damage may have affected the ability of the vehicle to be used safely, or continued use of the vehicle could cause further damage, cease use of the vehicle immediately and notify our roadside assistance team (0800 555 696). They will organise for a technician to check the vehicle (subject to the availability of a technician in the area you are located). If no technician is available, the team will assist you over the phone to identify safety concerns.

If the camper is still drivable and you are safe to continue, the repair process will commence upon the vehicle’s return. 

You will need to complete an accident report form with the owner, or there is a PDF version available to download and complete below.
You will also be required to record and sign for the new damage with the vehicle owner on the Pickup and Drop Off form when the vehicle is returned.

Once we have received a completed and signed off accident form and Pickup / Drop Off form we will lodge an insurance claim to get the owners vehicle repaired.

Any excess amounts will be charged to the payment method used to book the vehicle, and if this payment fails a Mighway staff member will contact you to organise an alternative payment method.